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This page describes terms and conditions relating to the use of the songs provided on this site.  The term "songwriters" refers to the individuals that upload songs to the site. "Users" refers to those who download the songs.


Songwriters submitting songs to agree to the following conditions. reserves the right to refuse any material that is deemed offensive or inappropriate for the site.

Permission is given to all site visitors to view and listen to the songs.

If a song is registered with CCLI, the songwriter grants permission to CCLI licensees to download, copy and use files in accordance with the CCLI license agreement. See the CCLI website for further details on CCLI registration and licenses.

Authors that have not registered their songs with CCLI grant Permission for use of their song(s) for noncommercial purposes.  Use includes the use of the various file formats provided including Lyric Sheets, Chord Charts, Sheet Music, Midi Files and MP3 Files. The files may be used and copied, provided they are not used to produce income.  Permission is given to perform the song(s) in church services or other gatherings as long as there is no admission charge to said gathering.  In short, the song(s) can be used in any way and for any purpose as long as they are not used to make money.  If someone does wish to use a song in a commercial project, the songwriter should be contacted via email to gain additional permission. may provide this same content to other non-commercial websites as well. does not assume any responsibility for copyright protection.


Users agree to respect the spirit of the permissions graciously granted by contributing songwriters. The users agree to use these songs for noncommercial purposes, typically in church meetings.

Songs that have a CCLI registration number may be viewed and listened to by all site visitors, however, if your church or organization does not have a CCLI license, you may not download or copy the Lyric Sheets, Chord Charts, Sheet Music, Midi Files, and MP3 Files unless you contact the author and obtain specific permission.  A CCLI license can be obtained at the CCLI website.

Songs that do not have a CCLI registration number can be freely downloaded and copied for noncommercial purposes.

If you wish to make a recording or other reproduction of a song and then sell it, you must first contact the author to obtain permission. When you search for a song, the Authors name is a link that shows next to the song title. Click on that link to get the contact information for the author. does not assume any responsibility for copyright violations perpetrated by individuals submitting material that they are not authorized to submit.


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