A Day with the Lord
by Richard Roblin - Copyright © Covered
CCLI #4739465

(verse 1)

(women) When a new day comes.
(men) When a new day comes.
(women) His love fills the air,
(men) His love fills the air.
(women) Like new life He brings,
(men) Like new life He brings,
(women) A gift for us we'll sing,
(men) and we'll sing.

Chorus all:
Glorious Father, God is Love.
Glorious Master , God is Love.
Glorious Teacher, God is Love.
(our God is love.)

Verse 2
(women) When the mid-day comes,
(men) When the mid-day comes.
(women) Still our faith holds strong,
(men) Still our faith holds strong.
(women) May His blessings be,
(men) May His blessings be.
(women) For eterni ty
(men) and we'll sing.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3
(women ) Now the end of day,
(men) Now the end of day.
(women) His light led our way,
(men) His light led our way.
(women) Now with faith we pray,
(men) Now with faith we pray.
(women) To rise another day.
(men) and we'll sing.

(Last Chorus End)

Glorious Father, God is love
Glorious Master, God is love.
Glorious Teacher God is love