We're running, we're running,
We're running through the fields
We're leaping, we're leaping,
We're leaping like the deer (hey!)
We're dancing, we're dancing,
We dance with all our might
To celebrate the coming of the light!

We're laughing, we're laughing,
We're laughing up a storm
We're shouting, we're shouting,
We're shouting to the Lord (hey!)
We're roaring, we're roaring,
We're roaring at the night
To celebrate the coming of the light!

Dawn is breaking! Dawn is breaking!

Awake, O sleeper, how long will you sleep?
Arise and greet the day
Arise and shine for your light is come
And the glory of the Lord is risen on us today!

The darkness, the darkness, dark will soon be past
The morning, the morning, the morning comes at last
And we stand on the hilltop, our faces shining bright
To celebrate the coming of the light!

by Tim Barber 1995 Papa's Music. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. CCLI Song No. 2294665