Who can fill my heart with joy,
When all the earth is trembling?
Who can sing a song of love
So sweet my heart comes running?
Who can take a wounded soul
And fill it up with life, and make it whole?

It's Jesus (3x)
The lover of my soul
It's Jesus (3x)
The lover of my soul!

Who can fill our broken world
With grace that leads us to repent?
Who can fill a broken heart
With hope and faith that's heaven-sent?
Who has walked our road of pain
And bears the Name that is above all names?

Who has promised us that we
Will live with Him forever
If we will deny ourselves,
And learn to love each other?
Who calls us to take our cross
And count the former things to us as loss?

by Tim Barber 1991 Papa's Music. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission. CCLI Song No. 2294232