There's One Thing (based on Psalm 27)
by Rick Founds, Rhesa Siregar and Paul Gentry

CCLI Song No. 4048730

Verse 1

You are the light of life,

the one who saves me, and frees me from all fear.

I trust in your love, Lord God of Power and might

For You are always near



There's one thing I ask

There's one thing I pray

There's one thing that I am longing for

To be closer to You

With each passing day

until I can see Your beauty Lord


Verse 2

You are my strength, O Lord

A shield around me

My help in time of need

I won't be afraid, no matter what may come

For You'll never leave me


Repeat Chorus



My soul wants to fly

My heart's overflowing with joy

A joy that will not fade away

For You've heard my cry

and You'll never turn me away

You'll never leave me Lord




Repeat Chorus (x2)



There's one thing I ask

To see Your beauty

There's one thing I pray

To be closer and closer, Lord