Youíre awesome, God

F                                C                  D-
When I see Your magestic creation

  Bb                  F                    C
Who am I that you care for me?

Bb           C                F 
When I witness your glorious miracles

         G-                    C                F
Who am I that you would love me?

B                        C                                   F
And When I feel Your sweet gentle presence

         G-            C                     F      -C
Who am I that you came for me?


F                             C
You are so wonderful

D-          G                 C
You are so marvelous

Bb                         F
Words can not describe your greatness

Bb                      F
Melody canít perform your glory

Bb                       F                          D# -C
Pictures can not express you beauty

Youíre awesome, God


When I see your majestic creation
I'm amazed you care for me
When I see your glorious miracles
I'm amazed I that you would love me
And When I feel sweet gentle presence
I'm amazed that you came for me

Music & Lyrics: Gerd Y. Noya and H. Paula Noya